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Talk with Celeste












...and that's exactly who The Holistic Maternal was created for.

Women just trying to figure it all out.


Women who seek less toughness and more enoughness.
Women who are done doing it all themselves.
Women who want to forgive themselves easily and often.
Women who know they have more on their plate than what's feasible or fair.
Women who want to feel as equally good about their honest end-of-day efforts, as they do their early AM intentions.




Women seeking motherhood, but manage infertility or generalized anxiety of the responsibility.
Women pregnant with child, anxious over the unknowns or worry over maintaining personal identities they value.
Women newly postpartum, feeling adrift in a medical culture that haphazardly encourages self-neglect & healing deprivation.
Women overwhelmingly juggling life, careers, identities, and relationships with growing kiddos in tow.
Women with empty-nests, searching for the zest they felt before running dry in nurturing an entire generation.
How are we helping women figure it out? We're glad you asked. Learn more here.


"I have to tell you that I haven't felt this good in years.  Literally YEARS!  I'm exercising again and my head is clearer.  Even my eyes are different. 

I'm belly laughing again.

I'm back to me."


"You have changed my life with your treatments.  I can live again; body, mind, and soul.  My body moves in ways that were stuck and stagnant. 

Thank you for using your God given gifts and talents!!!"


"I was doing my physical therapy exercises, yoga, and getting in all my steps.  I continued to struggle with daily nagging pains and figured I would have to just live with it.  Then I met Celeste and learned about myofascial release.  I am so glad I did as it was the missing piece of the puzzle. 

I am so grateful to Celeste and her treatments!"